About NJEDge.Net

NJEDge.Net supports its members in their institutional missions by providing collaborative resources and networked information services in support of teaching and learning; research and development; outreach and public service; as well as economic development throughout the state of New Jersey. In providing a broadband statewide network, NJEDge.Net establishes standards for interoperability, achieves economies of scale and supports new and emerging technologies to foster and support productive use of technology across the academic enterprise. NJEDge.Net ensures that its objectives and goals align with the missions of the membership and the overall NJ educational enterprise

  • To provide a network platform using advanced digital communication and high speed regional optical network (RON) enabling connectivity to New JerseyU1 K12 schoolsU1, libraries, teaching hospitals, and research agencies; to the private national educational and research network, Internet2; to other state networks and RONS.
  • To transform discovery, learning and leadership through advanced cyber infrastructure.
  • To find the most proficient vendors to offer members cost savings for their institutional initiatives.
  • To strongly engage our member community.
  • To focus on innovation.
  • To meet the state community needs through a federated model that recognizes the complementary strengths of all its partner members.
  • To assist its members in their institutional teaching and learning; scholarship; research and development; outreach programs; public service, and economic development through its deployment of advanced Internet technologies and digital communication.





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