Breakout Session

Assessing The Online Student: Better Than Face to Face and Here’s Why!

Track: Assessment

Friday, November 30th, 8:20am – 9:15am

Technology allows us to capture, analyze, and utilize essential data on student learning.  These data include grades, learning objective performance metrics, online activity, online habits, trends, behaviors and more.  Online courses allow for a robust authentic assessment of student learning, in real time and with real applicability to enhancing the teaching-learning process for current students, not just future students.  This session will explore OCC’s online assessment methodology and how those assessments not only catch up to traditional face-to-face assessment, but go beyond.


Jeff S. Harmon
Associate Director of Elearning
Ocean County College

Bio / Expertise:
Jeff  S. Harmon presently serves as the Associate Director of Elearning at Ocean County College.  He is also a professor at Ocean County College, an Associate Professor at Amridge University and public member on two specialized accrediting agencies; The Commission on Collegiate Interpreter Education (CCIE) and the Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation (COMTA).  In his past roles, he has directed the efforts of a USDE recognized accrediting agency and served as a private educational consultant to several accrediting agencies in the areas of standards revision and outcomes assessment.  While working for a for-profit he assisted over 90 institutions of higher education in their efforts at designing, implementing, and maintaining institution-wide learning outcomes assessment and institutional effectiveness systems.

He is currently pursuing a doctorate in the area of educational leadership.
Presentation Content:

This presentation will cover the myriad assessment strategies utilized by Ocean Online College.  We will explore how these assessments are maintained, deployed, collected, analyzed, and utilized to enhance online programs.

Ocean Online utilizes six different methods of assessing online students.  This process has taken almost a year to solidify and deploy.  We are now in the closing-the-loop-phase.

We will discuss the challenges we faced in this endeavor and show real examples of our success.  Aggregate data will be provided to participants as evidence of process success.


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