Breakout Session

You Can Get IT Done!

Track:   Policy

Friday, November 30th, 12:00pm-12:55pm

Managing your time, daily tasks and projects is a challenge as an IT professional.  Resources are becoming more limited and user expectations are ever increasing.  This presentation will focus on how to plan and get things done!  Among the time management techniques that will be discussed include Stephen Covey’s and David Allen’s organization and planning methodologies.  Practical ideas and tools will be discussed for you to incorporate when you return to the office.

Susan Bowen
Executive Director
Morris County Community College

Susan is the Executive Director for Information Technology Services at Mercer County Community College and is responsible for providing leadership and management in the strategic use of information technology at the college. She has spent her most of her professional career in higher education, with over 21 years focusing on information technology.

Susan is active in EDUCAUSE  having served on the Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference Program Committee and the Member Services Committee and has presented at numerous regional and national conferences.  Susan currently serves on the NJEDge. net Board of Trustees.


August “Chip” Stoll

Twenty-two years in higher education, all in the Information Technology arena;  currently serving as the Director of Information Technology and Strategic Services at Thomas Edison State College, reporting directly to the CIO.  Prior to that, Chip spent fifteen years at Ocean County College in a senior management role.  He is recognized as a strategic and tactical senior technology leader who translates business strategies into maximizing technology investments while minimizing expenditures. Evaluated and developed system security and efficient usage of system, installed operating systems and system software on a large variety of systems, and converted legacy databases to Datatel’s Colleague and Benefactor databases.  Developed best practices procedures, reports, programs, and enhancements in many different areas for many institutions.


Presentation Content:
Summary:  Fewer resources, increasing user demands and the rapid emergence of newer technologies makes it difficult for IT staff, at all levels, to be productive.  IT professionals need to be skilled at time management and have the ability to organize their daily tasks, weekly projects and respond to the emergency of the day.  Most IT staff do not have these skills nor have the knowledge of a methodology to get things done.  This session will take a brief look at time management theory and then discuss a number of techniques to begin to tackle their to-do list.

Description of activity, project or solution:  Utilizing the time management theory and tools can help you to learn how to effectively manage your projects, weekly and daily tasks.  Both presenters have attended training and read numerous books on time management, organizational skills and increasing your level of productivity at work and in your personal life.  In addition, both presenters have worked their way through the ranks of IT technical and management positions and can speak to using various tools at all levels.

Outcome:  The outcome of this session is for participants to gain some or additional knowledge on how to manage daily, weekly and monthly tasks and feel productive.  Both presenters have accomplished this utilizing both of the Stephen Covey and David Allen theory and tools.

Importance:  Organization and time management skills are essential for IT professionals.  These skills are especially critical today our environments with fewer resources and increasing expectations.  Given the ability to manage your time and organize your day effectively will enable IT professionals to feel productive and reduce stress


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