Breakout Session

The New Interactive Embedded Course Resource

Track: Learning Innovations

Friday, November 30th, 8:20am – 9:15am

Accessible from computers, laptops, and mobile devices such as the iPad, iPhone, Android, and Smartphones and available directly from within the course management system, the new embedded textbook allows online instructors to add rich learning materials into their embedded texts and allows students to engage and collaborate within the text.  This presentation will show how an instructor has used this embedded course resource in an actual online course and how the instructor has added annotations, notes, bookmarks, discussions, videos and interactive links to enrich the text and to encourage the students, not only to read the text, but to engage and interact within it thus providing students with a robust online learning experience.


Mary Jane Clerkin
Professor of English, Speech and Literature
Berkeley College

Bio / Expertise:
Dr. Clerkin has served as a Professor of English, Speech and Literature at Berkeley College from the summer of 1984 to the present time, 2012.

Awards and Recognitions: Dr. Clerkin is cited in “Teaching Online: A Practical Guide” (Ko and Rossen, 2010) for the design of her online speech course.

In May 2007, the USDLA awarded Dr. Clerkin the Best Practices Gold Award for Distance Learning Teaching Online in Online Higher Education, which recognizes individuals whose programs demonstrate extraordinary achievement in scholarly research and writing, leadership, and service. In 2006, Dr. Clerkin won the Innovative Excellence in Teaching, Learning, and Technology Award from The International Conference on College Teaching and Learning. In 2005, Dr. Clerkin was recognized by Berkeley College with the President’s Award for Outstanding Leadership and Service to the College Community.

Degrees: Dr. Clerkin holds a Doctor of Arts (DA) degree from St. John’s University, where she was the recipient of a Doctor of Arts Fellowship throughout her course of study; two Master’s degrees (MA) in English, a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT), and a BA from Manhattanville College.

Presentation Content:
Important interactions between the student and the professor, student and student, and the student and the content are of important in an online course. Using the embedded text, which we call our online course resource, professors can enhance the embedded text with annotations and videos and even answer questions within the text and also join in discussion with their students within the very text itself. This allows for a higher level of interaction between the student and the content.  Students enjoy asking questions within the text and adding discussion comments and having an enriched, enhanced online course resource.


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