Breakout Session

Launching Online Degree Programs: An Enterprise Perspective

Track:  Policy & Governance

Friday, November 30th, 9:20am – 10:15am

Montclair State University (MSU) has expanded educational access to its comprehensive array of academic program offerings.  One of the objectives included in the University’s 2011 strategic plan is to offer ten fully online graduate programs by 2016. In order to accomplish this significant objective, MSU has adopted a matrix managed collaborative approach to program development and support as compared with the separate unit and line of business method adopted by many colleges and universities. This presentation will demonstrate the cross-unit collaborative model and highlight the joint efforts among the three major effort-contributing divisions: Academic Affairs, Information Technology and University Administration.

Edward Chapel
Chief Information Officer and Vice President
Montclair State University

Bio / Expertise
Dr. Edward V. Chapel, has focused his professional efforts for most of his career on the strategic uses of technology in higher education environments.  Currently the CIO and Vice President for Information Technology at Montclair State University in Northern New Jersey, where he has been for the past eight years, Ed has pursued a particular interest in the living and learning benefits of mobile computing, and broadband cellular services in particular, for contemporary college students.

Prior to working in the information technology arena, he utilized his doctoral preparation in sociology to support his activities as an Institutional Research professional and a faculty member, teaching a broad range of courses in the discipline with a special focus on quantitative research methods and sampling design.


Jamieson Bilella

Bio / Expertise

Jamieson (Jamie) Bilella is the Associate Dean of Extended Learning and Special Academic Programs at Montclair State University in New Jersey. He has been in higher education for twelve years, and worked at both public and private institutions. Jamie’s background is diverse with considerable experience in the corporate and small business sector prior to entering higher education. Prior to Montclair, he served as Dean of Academic Operations, and Associate Dean of Business and Computer Information Systems Programs at DeVry University.

In his current position at Montclair State he is responsible for enrollment, marketing, recruitment, programming, and management for the University’s online programs, summer and winter sessions, the Academically Gifted and Talented pipeline program, and continuing education certificate programs.

Jamie is passionate about data analysis and marketing and enjoys marrying the two interests to analyze yield and maximize program exposure, awareness, and student engagement. He collects and analyzes quantitative and qualitative data to identify key opportunities to better address student needs and strategic institutional goals.

Jamie earned his MBA in Finance from Rutgers University Graduate School of Management and his BA in Economics with Honors from Drew University.
Joanne Cote-Bonanno
Associate Provost
Montclair State University

Bio/ Expertise
Joanne Cote-Bonanno, Ph.D. is currently Associate Provost for Academic Programs and Assessment at Montclair State University in New Jersey. She has been in Higher Education for over 30 years and has served as a faculty member and Director of numerous grants and projects at Montclair State University. She also served as Dean of Adult and Professional Programs, Dean of Curriculum and Faculty Development and Director of Online Learning at Centenary College.

In her current position at Montclair State University she is responsible for overseeing accreditation, institutional effectiveness and student learning outcomes assessment at Montclair State University. In addition, Dr. Cote-Bonanno works with faculty, staff and consultants to implement the online initiative. Her experience is based on a strong educational foundation with a spirit and leadership style of collaboration and partnership with all constituencies. She has a strong track record in advocacy for both students and faculty and program vision.
Presentation Content

Montclair State University will launch the first 2 online degree programs in Spring 2013. The presentation will demonstrate a matrix managed collaborative approach and joint efforts which have been driving the Spring launch and building the University’s online educational landscape

This is the core of your proposed presentation and should include historical background; who was involved with the project; examples of what it took to identify and analyze problems and solutions; methods used to work toward solutions and so on

With the increasing number of online students and their demands for online access to high-quality programs, Montclair State University announced its online initiatives in 2011. Online educational delivery naturally requires high-quality online courses and effective faculty and student support, in addition to effective online marketing and student recruiting. These objectives challenge the University to ensure high-quality online teaching and learning, properly support online faculty, and create sustained methods to recruit and support online students, etc.

The University’s commitment to expanding educational access has prompted the need for a collaborative yet systematic approach to the development and delivery of fully online degree programs. The three divisions including Academic Affairs, Information Technology and University Administration have collaborated in order to accomplish the online initiatives and address the identified challenges. This matrix managed collaborative approach has developed a systematic quality-assured course design model and faculty development and support program that will serve as the foundation for continued online program growth. It has also developed technical support capacity and capability and student recruiting, admission and support structure.

Here you present your outcomes and achievements. Did you accomplish what you set out to do:  In addition to anecdotal evidence, include quantitative information if available. Talk about both successes and failures, especially with regard to what you learned from each.

With the matrix managed collaborative approach across divisions/units, two online programs have been effectively developed and will be launched in Spring 2013. The collaboration is a working progress for the University to refine a systematic process on initiating and developing an online program. The university-wide supporting and operation structure for online education will be developed and refined as well.

Explain the overarching principles or lessons learned so attendees can better understand the relevance of your findings to their teaching or their institutions.

Montclair State University’s practice on online degree program development will help attendees consider possible alternatives to their own approach to online efforts.  Participants will be invited to share additional ideas and feedback about the online landscaping business.


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