Breakout Session

A Mobile App with Zero Programming Knowledge and Zero Costs

Track: Managing Mobility

Thursday, November 29th, 11:45am-12:45pm

Are you interested in creating an app for your organization? Do you have a concern about the costs and programmers required to develop an Apple or Android app? Caldwell College did it, and we did it without a programmer and without paying a third party vendor one penny. Come see how in this session about Caldwell College’s mobile application.

Michael Koskinen
Instructional Designer
Caldwell College

Bio / Expertise:
Michael Koskinen works for Academic Affairs as an Instructional Designer. He is in charge of the college’s LMS (Moodle), trains faculty in technology, and supports the design of distance education courses. On the side, he also teaches as an adjunct for the computer science department. Previously, Michael has been employed at Fairleigh Dickinson University and William Paterson University. He holds a Master of Administrative Science at Fairleigh Dickinson and a Master of Educational Technology at Boise State University. He likes apps a lot.

Presentation Content:

Summary: Will present information on Caldwell’s iOS app for the college. The app was created without any cost or with no knowledge of how to program using a outside tool. Will also display other possibilities of what can be done with this tool outside of just a simple app for an organization.

Description of Project: With limited resources and knowledge in creating an app, I did a side summer project in giving out college an app for use by the college community. It was done completely by me without putting in a lot of time and cost.

Outcome: While there is no set outcome, data will be provide on how much the app has been used and what I would like to do in the future.

Relevance: This is of great interest to colleges that do not have iOS or Android programmers on staff. This might also be of great interest in that the number of apps that can be created is almost unlimited and there are possibilities of using it for departments, classes, etc.


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