Breakout Session

NJEDGE Community Cloud Status Panel Discussion


A panel of representatives from NJEDGE and NJIT will describe and interactively discuss the genesis, current status and phased objectives of the NJEDGE Community Cloud initiative. Discussion topics will include community cloud concept, NJEDGE network overview, VMWARE technology and tools, community cloud survey results, proof of concept successes, levels of community cloud service under consideration (i.e. IAAS, PAAS, SAAS), technology issues and business model issues. Audience members are encouraged to actively engage the panel in order to shape the community cloud planning effort.

Speaker Panel:

Kevin Byron, NJIT, Director of Core Systems and Operations
Henry Frystak, NJIT, Systems Analyst
Matt Hoskins, NJIT, Senior Enterprise Architect
Andy Malato, NJIT, Systems Manager
Joe Rearden, NJEDGE
Jim Stankiewicz, NJEDGE


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