Breakout Session

A Collaborative Model for the Development and Implementation of Hybrid and Online Courses at Rider University and Seton Hall University

Track:  Policy and Governance

Thursday, November 29th, 11:45am-12:45pm

Two Legal Studies professors have continued their commitment to innovative learning solutions by expanding their teaching portfolios. Their collaboration across two universities brought the Uniform Commercial Code and Legal and Social Environment of Business from in-person to hybrid (in class/online) to online delivery. Critical components of the development experience include each individual’s different technology proficiency, identification of and sensitivity to student learning styles, and challenges posed by working with development processes at different universities.

Susan A. O’Sullivan-Gavin
Assistant Professor, Legal Studies
College of Business Administration
Rider University
John H. Shannon
Associate Professor, Legal Studies
Stillman School of Business
Seton Hall University

Presentation Content

The transition to more widespread use of hybrid (blended) and online learning environments is accelerating. Higher education has seen significant growth in courses offered using a blended or online approach. The growth in demand for these alternative delivery methods is driven by students’ need to gain more flexibility in their access to higher education by time and location shifts. Significantly, increased demand for faculty who are willing to invest in learning these new platforms is one clear outcome. Early faculty adopters are generally the driving force behind technology innovations and become the facilitators of the broader adoption of a particular innovation. We expect that development of blended and online learning environments will follow a similar process. In short, it is anticipated that as with other new technologies, the early adopters will give way to integration by the faculty at large.

During 2010 – 2011 both Professor O’Sullivan-Gavin (Rider University) and Professor

Shannon (Seton Hall University) were presented with opportunities by their respective universities to develop hybrid and online versions of courses that they had previously offered using traditional delivery platforms. The success of previous collaborations on other similar projects suggested that they share the experience.

Professors O’Sullivan-Gavin and Shannon will report on the development experience, lessons learned and the success of each of the approaches implemented in the delivery of innovative learning environments. They will discuss the factors that led them to undertake these projects including the rising demand for alternative delivery platforms in higher education, the difference in process used at two universities for course development and the use of virtual learning environments and the impact on students and faculty. They will also address managing quality assurance in development and delivery and the critical difference between classroom based courses and hybrid/online delivery methods. Last, both professors will share impressions of students’ initial reluctance, avoidance and final acceptance. Our experience confirmed that all aspects of a traditional delivery must be reevaluated in light of the demands of hybrid and online delivery.


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