Breakout Session

Balancing the Risk Factor

Track:  Policy & Governance

Thursday, November 29th, 4:40pm-5:40pm

The growth of the Internet driven business, the reliability of connections and constant availability of services has become an absolute necessity. In addition, mission critical communications must be available 24/7. In order to meet these challenges a disaster recovery/business continuity solution needs to be in place. However, an institution needs to maintain a balance between cost and the solutions and services that address these needs. This presentation will provide Brookdale’s current strategy and recommendations that met these demands as well as meeting the demands of constituencies and the leadership team.

Patricia Kahn
Executive Director of Information Technology Services
Brookdale Community College

Bio / Expertise
Patricia Kahn currently holds the position of Executive Director of Information Technology Services at Brookdale Community College. Dr. Kahn serves as a member of the IT Executive Council for the college and oversees and directs activities relevant to information technology (IT) budget planning and management, strategic planning, policy development and implementation, promotion and support of the widespread application of technology to achieve Institutional goals. Dr. Kahn is the focal point on technology for the campus community and the primary liaison with the campus community, with Educational Services, OIT, and vendors providing services for the development and management of IT resources.


Camille Shelley
Camille Shelley serves as the Executive Director of the Office of Information Technology at Brookdale Community College located in Lincroft, New Jersey. Camille provides management of strategic and tactical activities to ensure college satisfaction, technical delivery, and resource management.  Camille’s role is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of Brookdale’s Office of Information Technology department including; directing staff, who support administrative and/or academic computing, networking, user services, telecommunications and other information technology functions.  Ms. Shelley also advises the college on the status of technologies at the institution relative to the college’s strategic goals and objectives.

Andrew Chiang


Presentation Content:

Brookdale has been in the planning stages to implement a Disaster Recovery strategy since the 2008-2009 timeframe. The major components of Brookdale’s Data Center Recovery include redundant Internet Service for all locations beginning with the Lincroft campus,  a co-location to house hardware with the redundant systems listed above, and a redundant infrastructure inclusive of a 3- 4 year network upgrade. This presentation will provide the criteria used to develop this plan, the selected solutions, and the challenges that were addressed in regards to leadership demands and cost constraints.

Brookdale is embarking on disaster recovery and business continuity solutions while maintaining a balance between obtaining these services and meeting the demands of constituencies and the leadership team. This presentation will provide Brookdale’s current strategy and recommendations that met these demands as follows:

  • Constituency requirements – what are they looking for from a student, staff, faculty perspective as well Cabinet and BOT leadership team
    Sustain operations or plan for a full-fledged disaster
  • Internet Redundancy solutions – WAN Optimization
  • History, which led to the review of IR solutions as well as the criteria used to determine the final selection
  • Co-Location
  • Brookdale recognized the risk in having one data center resulting in an RFP with specific requirements for a colocation.  The presentation will provide an overview of determining the requirements for a colocation RFP, conversations with vendors, and ultimately the selection and implementation of the colocation facility
  • Network Upgrade
  • In anticipation of increased network bandwidth to support video streaming, Brookdale is in the initial stages of upgrading the LAN to a 10 GIG E Infrastructure/Backbone.  This infrastructure will support emerging technologies such as Unified Communications, Virtual Desktops, Video Conferencing and Distance Education.
  • Future
  • Unified Communications comprises presence, voice, messaging, and conferencing.  Brookdale is looking to upgrade its VoIP towards expanding into implementing Unified Communications transforming the way people use the telephone.
  • Cloud – Brookdale is researching how to use a balanced cloud presence to supplement onsite and remote colocation DR strategies.  Future initiatives include hosting of website, backing up data to remote site, hosting of Active Directory


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