Ellen Wagner

General Session II
Thursday, November 28th, 8:30am-10:00am

Making Data Matter

Learning analytics are taking higher education by storm. The more that we find ourselves being drawn to the power of data, the more educators need to consider what the impact of using data to support educational decision-making is likely to be on our students, our institutions and ourselves. This session highlights some of the great opportunities and possible perils that learning analytics bring to the post-secondary educational ecosystem in the United States, and offers suggestions for living under the sword of data.


Ellen Wagner is the Executive Director for WCET. She continues in her role as Partner and Founder of Sage Road Solutions, LLC, providing advisory oversight for industry intelligence and enablement services and solutions practices.

WCET Academic Analytics | Gilfus Education Group Interview 2010 | Academic Analytics
Uploaded by GilfusEducation on Oct 18, 2010
Academic Analytics Leadership Series: Ellen Wagner of WCET discusses Academic Analytics.


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