Executive Forum

The relationship between technology and the academics are multifold: we have to address issues regarding faculty & staff recruitment and retention, securing more research grants and creating collaborative classrooms – and a host of other themes – but today we will begin by working on student achievement. In the coming year, we will continue to hold forums in which we discuss all pertinent issues on effectiveness in Higher Education.

How do you measure your effectiveness in key business areas? What are some of the things you would like to be able to do to better assess your effectiveness? How has information technology helped you, and what are some of the ways it could help you do it better? Dr. Jane Zeff from William Paterson, and DeborahKell from Mercer County College will kick start an interactive discussion with their views and experience on how to make good institutional choices.

To that end, NJEDge, Net is committed to bring the emerging technologies and collaborative tools to the community for collaboration. The creation of a highly reliable and high performing network is only one element in the foundation for academic and institutional excellence. Our goal in the discussion is to draw out from our academic colleagues a vision for excellence and define the other ways in which the technology capacities and talents of the NJEDge organization can advance that vision. What you think NJEDge needs to focus on?

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