Jon Landis

General Session I
Wednesday, November 28th, 2:00pm-3:00pm

Mobility – The Why, Where and How

  • Why – Mobility (why mobile access to information has an impact on education)
  • What – Opportunities (Specifically what workflows and educational opportunities are available in the mobile space that are different than a laptop or desktop).
  • How – Apps (What Apps are being used across various disciplines)

Also will be presenting on eBooks – iBooks & ePub (what are the advantages of enhanced eBooks over traditional or basic electronic textbooks).



Dr. Jon Landis is a Development Executive with Apple Inc. He is a former professor in the College of Education from Millersville University where he was the graduate coordinator of the Leadership Program and the Coordinator of the CyberSafe Institute.  Jon holds his Ph.D. in Sociology, a Masters degree in Education Leadership, and a B.S. in Chemistry.  He has served as a chemistry instructor, principal, curriculum director, and IT Director. Dr. Landis speaks nationally on the risks and opportunities associated with mobile technologies.


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