Poster Session

“The Good-the Bad- and the Ugly: Connecting with students through technology”

Track: Poster

Working with the current student population to integrate technology into student services can be good, bad, and ugly. This session will review technical strategies which worked and did not work. We will discuss why these strategies were successful or unsuccessful in addition the outcome of the projects/services.

Lynne Orr
Assistant Director
William Paterson University

Bio / Expertise:
Lynne Orr has a PhD in Post-Secondary and Adult Education with an emphasis in technology. She has continually been innovative with her approach to student services throughout the past 16 years. As a career counselor and academic advisor Dr. Orr has incorporated a wide array of technical tools into her work with students.

Presentation Content:
Summary Statement: Four types of technology strategies were incorporated into a student service office. These uses of technology will be summarized. A discussion will be facilitated commenting on the success or disappointment of these programs.
Description of Projects:

The departmental webpage was first created by a graduate assistant 15 years ago. Since this time the page has migrated over 10 times to match the new software and/or university template. The intent of the material on the pages is primarily for marketing purposes, to entice students to utilize the services.

Email communication for advisement and career questions were incorporated approximately 5 years ago. One professional in the office attained a Distance Certified Counselor certification to support the service to students. The student teachers in the college of education are unable to schedule appointments during the day. Also, the majority of students in the college of business are working full-time, and attending classes full-time, thus having limited time to visit the office in-person.

A Blackboard course shell was created for the new students entering the university. Unfortunately this course was not utilized. There were administrative time restrictions which restricted the timing of the first communication. Other possible limits were the lack of student Blackboard knowledge and not knowing the role or purpose of the advisor.

Eight lecture capture videos were incorporated into the centers’ website. A session was created for the College of Education introducing their orientation session. Additional videos were published pertaining to a new GE model and registration. Both students and faculty made use of these videos.

• Gain awareness of the technical strategies which worked
• Enhance knowledge of the technical strategies which did not work
• Discuss the positive technical strategies which were unsuccessful based upon the student population
Importance or relevance to other institutions:
It appears, before investing time, energy, and money, run a pilot program with the specific student population. Investigate the potential of success with each project and each student group.


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