Poster Session

Digital Story Telling: A Powerful Authentic Assessment

Track: Poster

Digital Storytelling is a powerful assessment to evaluate student understanding and knowledge of course concepts. In this session conference attendees will view 2-3 5-minute digital stories produced by college secondary education juniors for a history of education course. Through a PowerPoint presentation they will learn how learn to effectively structure the assignment to assure rigorous academic research; they will receive a sample assignment, grading rubric, and learn about some pitfalls to avoid.

Colette Gosselin
Assistant Professor
NCATE Coordinator
The College of New Jersey

Bio / Expertise:
Colette Gosselin is an Assistant Professor and NCATE Coordinator in the School of Education at The College of New Jersey. She teaches social foundations courses in the undergraduate and graduate programs as well as in the Mallorca, Spain global program for international teachers. She earned her doctorate at Rutgers =, the State University in 2000.


Valerian Anderson
Web Application Developer
The College of New Jersey

Bio / Expertise:
Valerian Anderson holds the position of Web Application Developer in the Office of Information Technology at the College of New Jersey. He works on web-based curriculum development projects, writes web applications, and provides support and training for faculty in the use of the learning management system and other course relevant technologies. His prior experience includes roles as a higher education information technology director, strategic planner, and teacher. He holds a Master’s degree in computer science from Kent State University.

Presentation Content:
Summary Statement: I will present 2-3 digital stories which were produced by college juniors; in a PowerPoint presentation I will explain how to effectively structure the assignment and provide handouts.

Outcome: For a junior level history course in secondary education, students worked in groups to research a topic relevant to the course. Throughout the semester students turned in annotated bibliographies, met in class to review the research, wrote a script for their stories and used the computer lab to produce their stories. The products were excellent, the students enjoyed them, and felt that this was at least as rigorous as writing a research paper as it required them to also make decisions about the content, research photographs, and present a compelling argument.


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