Poster Session

How less is too less? : Facilitating and Grading Threaded Discussions in Online English Classes

Track: Poster

My presentation will analyze the dynamics and difficulties in facilitating and grading threaded discussions in online English classes. Taking a practitioner focus, the poster presentation will demonstrate elements of effective discussion management and evaluation. How De Nigris’s concepts of the “write” and “wrong” (How to Teach and Train Online, 1999) may be integrated to Bloom’s Taxonomy to plan and create a discussion tree that keeps students engaged as it moves them from lower to higher levels of cognition and learning will be presented. How the student’s progress on Bloom’s taxonomy scale and their timely and interactive participation should be encouraged and assessed will be demonstrated. The use and evaluation of online peer reviews done over the discussion boards at the graduate and undergraduate levels will receive special attention not only because they present the biggest challenge in online discussion management but also because they can help student move up the grade scale if managed well. The presentation will conclude with showing the links between the learner centeredness and clarity of the discussion and peer review grading rubrics and instructor and student success in the online classroom


Sarbani Vengadasalam
Business and Technical Writing Program
Writing Department
Rutgers University

Dr Sarbani Sen Vengadasalam is a Ph.D with a Masters certificate in Business Administration. She incorporates her research into multiculturalism and her insights from her work in the corporate communications world to make her classes relevant to both the academic and the corporate worlds. She has taught in the Midwest, South and in the East Coast as well as abroad in the online, blended and onsite formats for more than a decade. Her in-depth knowledge and experience in using four learning management systems helps to teach to different levels and in different formats has empowered her to teach and create content for ESL courses as well as advanced Writing for the Professions course with equal proficiency and ease. She currently teaches at Rutgers University, and is also a Visiting Professor at Devry University online and a graduate adjunct faculty for University of Marlyand college online. Her research and speaking interests are post colonialism, diaspora literature, drama and use of technology in the classroom.

Presentation Content:
Presentation of strategies in poster format to help instructor assess and facilitate online classroom discussion including peer reviews




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