Breakout Luncheon

Reinventing the Higher Ed Experience Thru Technology

Sponsored by Aspire Technology Partners

Complimentary buffet lunch and speaker

The current group of students that you serve has been raised on the Internet, so how long do we want to deliver a 20th Century experience to a 21st Century student?

For most schools, the delivery modality is still a lecturer giving a speech. This has not changed since the12th Century, wherein the expert stands and delivers, and yet, this generation of students is getting their content from hundreds of sources. They are living in a digital age but coming to college and getting an analog experience.  This is hurting retention and the effectiveness of higher education today because students are expecting a more optimal experience.

So how do you change this experience through technology?

Ian Temple is the director of Higher Education Transformation & Strategy Consulting for Cisco.  In this capacity, Ian works with higher education leaders to identify vexing business challenges which require transformation.  His knowledge of the challenges and stressors affecting higher education – and the enabling impact in fracture and technology artfully applied can have on addressing these challenges – makes Ian a highly-sought leader in his field.


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