Wednesday, November 20, 2013


General Session I (Stockton B)
Welcome Remarks by: Sheri Prupis

Transforming Education and Learning…Because we have to VIDEO
Jared Stein, Director of Knowledge Resources at Instructure


Breakout Session I

To MOOC or Not to MOOC, Ken Ronkowitz, NJIT, Mary Zedeck, Seton Hall University (3:00-4:30) (Moderator: Chris Shamburg) (Wilson) VIDEO

Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform Makes Virtual Desktops a Reality, Scott F. Brousseau, PBG Networks (3:30-4:30) (Moderator: Frank Aversa) (Room 110)

4Cs of Communication, Patty Kahn, Camille Shelly, Brookdale Community College (3:30-5:00) (Moderator: Patty Kahn) (Room 111) VIDEO

Just-In-Time Faculty Professional Development using Video Tutorials, Denise Krieger, Steve Garwood, Rutgers University (3:30-5:00) (Moderator: Ryan Gladysiewicz) (Room 112) VIDEO

Understanding Climate Change, Bill Evans, Senior Meteorologist WABC-TV News (Sponsored by Computer Design and Integration LLC) (4:30-5:30) (Moderator: Tony Selimo) (Madison) VIDEO

5:00pm–5:45pm Community College CIO Caucus (by invitation only) (Stockton B)
6:00pm–9:00pm Executive Dinner (by invitation only)
6:00pm–8:00pm Attendee Dinner (Woodrow’s) Host: Joe Rearden
7:30pm-11:00pm Networking with Colleagues (Flight II) – Sponsored by Enterasys
Cash Bar – 2 drink tickets for attendees sleeping over
Sponsored by: Enterasys

Thursday, November 21, 2013

7:00am-6:00pm On-Site Registration (CTC1)
7:00am-8:15am Breakfast (Woodrow’s)
(for Wednesday night guests only)

General Session II (Amphitheater)

Welcome Remarks by: Sheri Prupis and George Laskaris VIDEO

A New Ecosystem of Learning Opportunities: New Pathways and Promise
Vijay Kumar, Executive Officer for the Council on Educational Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology VIDEO

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10th Anniversary Presentation, David Ullman, NJIT & Les Michelson, Rutgers University (9:30 am – 10:00 am) VIDEO

NJEDge Charles McMickle Recognition Award for Excellence & Innovation 

10:05am-10:35am Vendor Exhibits
with Refreshments (Overlook)

Board of Trustees Meeting (By invitation only) (Einstein)

Breakout Session II

Teaching a MOOC: An Insider’s View, Jeremy Adelman, Princeton University (Moderator: Vincent Zicolello) (Wilson) VIDEO

Understanding Music and Video Copyright Laws for Colleges and Universities, Tony Selimo, Frank Hablawi, Sussex County Community College (Moderator: Frank Aversa) (Room 110) VIDEO

RVCC’s Journey to Compliance with MSCHE’s Credit Hour Policy, Melanie Morris, Pattiann Kletz, Raritan Valley Community College (Moderator: Tom Jewell) (Room 111) VIDEO

Collaborative Research & Learning with Facebook, Beverly Margolies, Bergen Community College (Moderator: Pat Fenn) (Room 112) VIDEO

Using Collaborate in an Online Course to Increase Student Engagement, Constructivist Learning and Assessment: A Case Study, Shelly Meyers, The Richard Stockton College (Moderator: Linda Feeney) (Stockton B) VIDEO

Collaborative Technologies Enhance the Student Learning Experience – Promedia, Dan Burger, Director of Emerging Technologies, Dr. Lance Ford, Education Advocate for Cisco, Promedia (Moderator: Bruce Tyrrell) (Madison)

11:35am-2:00pm CIO Executive Forum (By invitation only)(Einstein)

Breakout Session III

Student as Facilitators in a Flipped Classroom, Derek Weber, Raritan Valley Community College (Moderator: Riad Hammoudeh) (Room 110) VIDEO

Web and Video Conferencing Tools: Yours, Mine and Ours?, Lorene Lavora, John Milnes, Princeton University (Moderator: Tony Selimo) (Room 112) VIDEO

A New Online System Comprehensively Integrating Academic Courses, Programs, Learning Outcomes, and Assessments, Ivan Strom, Union County College (Moderator: Linda Feeney) (Room 111) VIDEO

Cloud Technology and Teaching: Helping Students Understand, Use and Maximize Cloud Technology in Courses, John Shannon, Seton Hall University,Susan A. O’Sullivan-Gavin, Rider University (Moderator: Mary Zedeck) (Stockton B) VIDEO

E-book Access and Creation for the Higher Ed Classroom: E-Books, E-books and Mobile Apps for Technician Education, Kelly Parr, Mike Qaissaunee, Brookdale Community College (Moderator: Patty Kahn) (Wilson) VIDEO

The Unknown Threat: Is it Inside Your Organization?, Henry Marquez, ePlus Principal Security Strategist (Moderator: Sam Nunez ) (Madison) VIDEO


Attendee Luncheon (Woodrow’s)
Sponsored by: Johnston Communications

Johnston Communications


Vendor Exhibits (Overlook)

Poster Sessions (Business Center Lobby)

The Professional Writing Center: A Digital Platform for Business School Students, Andrew McCarthy, William Patterson University

Facilitating a Digital Group Project: A Collaborative Approach, Itewari Ekpebu-Bryan, Dawn Marie Hayes, Montclair State University

Lessons Learned During our First On-line Course and First Hybrid Course, Joseph Trout, Richard Stockton University, Rosemary Trout, Drexel University

Selecting our Canvas, Ryan Gladysiewicz, Valerian Anderson, The College of New Jersey

Faculty or Fiction?, Gayle Stein, Rutgers University

Leveraging Open Source software to Empower Learning, Neal Caidin, PMP, Sakai Community Coordinator, Apereo Foundation


General Session III

The Way We Think: How Technology is Changing the Way We Get Ideas, Share Them, and Act on Them, Clive Thompson, New York Times Magazine, Wired, and Mother Jones VIDEO

3:10pm-3:15pm IGNITE with Enterasys (Moderator: Pat Fenn) VIDEO
3:10pm-3:40pm George Laskaris with the NJEDge.Net Update VIDEO
3:40pm-3:50pm Book Signing with Clive Thompson, “Smarter Than You Think: How Technology is Changing Our Minds for the Better”
3:40pm-4:40pm Vendor Exhibits
with Refreshments (Overlook)

Breakout Session IV

Mobile Learning in the 21st Century Classroom, Marianne Morano, Samantha Fuentes, Marjorie Timmerman, Bryan Lemme, County College of Morris (Moderator: Tony Selimo) (Room 204)

Supporting Students from the Inside Out – Incorporating a Student Success Module into an Online Course, Pattiann Kletz, Melanie Morris, Raritan Valley Community College (Moderator: David Zambrano) (Room 110) VIDEO

The VALID Project: Sharing the Common; Enabling the Unique, Taras Pavlovsky, The College of New Jersey, Anne Ciliberti and Kurt Wagner, William Paterson University, Marianne Gaunt, Rutgers University (Moderator: Pat Fenn) (Wilson) VIDEO

Learner Curation of Formative Assessment Tools, Amy Ackerman, Melissa Krupp, Richard Stockton College (Moderator: Linda Feeney) (Room 111) VIDEO

Free iPad Apps for Early Literacy Instruction: What’s available? What matters? What happens when preschoolers use them?, Kathleen Froriep, Georgian Court University (Moderator: Patty Kahn) (Stockton B) VIDEO

Impacts of Social Networking and Collaboration Tools in our IT Organizations, Joe Karam, Princeton University (Moderator: Lorene Lavora) (Room 112)

Vision and Strategy of End-User Computing (Virtual Desktops) – Aspire, Ben Goodman, Lead Evangelist, VMware, Aspire Technology Partners (Moderator: Carol Kondrach) (Madison) VIDEO

5:40pm-7:00pm Reception (CTC 1)
Wine, beer & crudités
Sponsored by: Broadview Networks


7:00pm-8:30pm Dinner
8:00pm-10:30pm Social Program (Einstein)
Laser Tag, Tank Battle, rounds of trivia and two free drinks
Sponsored by: ePlus Technology


Friday, November 22, 2013

8:00am-12:30pm On-Site Registration (CTC1)
7:00am-8:20am Breakfast (Woodrow’s)
(for Thursday night guests only)

Breakout Session V

Manage & Secure the BYOD Wireless Network Environment – Presidio (includes breakfast), Ralph Carter, CCIE : Solutions Architect, Lou McElwain, Senior Vice President, Presidio (Moderator: Frank Aversa) (Madison) VIDEO

Reach Out and Touch Someone: Enhancing Student Engagement with Mobile Technology, Derek Weber, Eric Iannacone, Raritan Valley Community College, Azzam Elayan, Monmouth University (Moderator: Eva Gale) (Room 110) VIDEO

Experiencing the Life of Students with Learning Disabilities, Emma Sheffield, Paula Jones, Hudson County Community College (Moderator: Pat Fenn) (Room 111) VIDEO

Building an Energy Efficient Datacenter for the Future, Ben Broder, Andrew Chiang, Jack Branin, Brookdale Community College (Moderator: Christina Klam) (Stockton B) VIDEO

Leveraging MOOCs in a Flipped Classroom: An Experiment, Darshan Desai, Rahul Bedi, Berkeley College (Moderator: Ken Ronkowitz) (Wilson) VIDEO

Learning to Run a Business While Running a Business!, Kristen Callahan, Iris Blanc, Barbara Urban, Tony Bruzaitis, Mercer County Community College (Moderator: Robert Mondelli) (Room 112) VIDEO

10:00am-2:00pm Vendor Exhibits (Overlook)

Breakout Session VI

Using Cloud-based Tools such as Microsoft Skydrive to Create Interactive Reading Activities in a Community College ESL Classroom, Mahua De, Union County College (Moderator: Sam Nunez) (Room 110) VIDEO

Intentionality and Technology: A First Year Seminar about Mindfulness and Screen Time, Gamin Bartle, Drew University (Moderator: Lorene Lavora) (Room 111)

Low Cost Single Board Computers and You – Perfect Together?, John DeLooper, Hudson County Community College (Moderator: Robert Mondelli) (Stockton B) VIDEO

Empowering Online Teaching and Learning: Reflections on Implementing an Online Faculty Development Program, Carolyn Demefack, Jinxia He, Andy Cui, Montclair State University (Moderator: Brian Richards) (Wilson) VIDEO

Integrating Augmented Reality and Mobile Devices into Teaching, Joseph Martinelli, Seton Hall University (Moderator: Mary Zedeck) (Room 112) VIDEO

Using SafeAssign as a Teaching Tool: Helping Students “Detect and Correct” Plagiarism, Jarrod Cecere, Berkeley College (Moderator: Ken Ronkowitz) (Einstein)

Optimizing Information Technology Support: Doing More with Less, Frank Barnes, ePlus Technology (Moderator: Vincent Zicolello) (Madison) VIDEO


General Session IV

Welcome Remarks: Sheri Prupis (Amphitheater) VIDEO

IGNITE (Moderator: Sheri Ventura)

Ocean does Online, Marc Labella, Ocean County College VIDEO

Pinterest! For Student Collaborative Projects, Denise Krieger, Steve Garwood, Rutgers University VIDEO

So You Want To Go Online: A Model for Successful Rapid Distance Education Infusion, Jeffrey Harmon, Ocean County College VIDEO

Cyber Hippies or Digital Thugs: The Rise of Hactivism on the College Campus, Beth Ritter-Guth, Union County College VIDEO

All about Cloud Storage, Roberto Castillo, Richard Stockton College VIDEO

11:15am–12:00pm Vendor Exhibits
with Refreshments (Overlook)

Breakout Session VII

When to Touch is to Learn, Turn to 3D Printing, Mike Kolitsky, University of Texas at El Paso (Moderator: Eva Gale) (Room 110) VIDEO

WASS: an Open-source, Web-based System for Scheduling Office Hours, Advising, and Other Academic Appointments, Serge Goldstein, Kelly Cole, Princeton University (Moderator: Riad Hammoudeh) (Room 111) VIDEO

Fun with Certificates: a Deep Dive into Cryptography for All Ages, Brian Epstein, Institute of Advanced Study (Moderator: Christina Klam) (Room 112) VIDEO

Doing (More) Better with Less; An exercise in “Right Sizing”, Chuck Chulvick, Raritan Valley Community College (Moderator:Robert Mondelli) (Madison)

The Theory, Practice, and Scholarship of Educational Technology Leadership: The Making of a Doctoral Program, Christopher Shamburg, Cordelia Twomey, Laura Zieger, New Jersey City University (Moderator: Chris Shamburg) (Wilson) VIDEO

NJEDge Community Cloud Status Panel Discussion, Kevin Byron, NJIT, Director of Core Systems and Operations, Henry Frystak, NJIT, Systems Analyst, Matt Hoskins, NJIT, Senior Enterprise Architect, Andy Malato, NJIT, Systems Manager, Jim Stankiewicz, NJEDge.Net, Director, Internet Engineering, Joe Rearden, NJEDge.Net, Business Planning Manager (Room 204) VIDEO

12:45pm-1:45pm Attendee Luncheon (Woodrow’s)

Poster Sessions (Business Center Lobby)

21st Century Partnership- Adaptive Learning and Blended Instruction to Improve Student Success in Developmental Math, Maureen Greenbaum, Susan Mettlen, Union County College

The Application of Learning Contract in Blended Class, Hui-wen Tu, Berkeley College

Contemporary Issues through Videoconferencing (CITVC): Learning by Doing, Kathleen Menake, Montclair State University

Toastmasters’ Club on Campus: Extending Community Beyond the Classroom… Technical Students Welcome!!!, Barbara Goldberg, Barbara Burke, Devry University

IGNITE Poster Presentations

Leveraging Open Source Software to Empower Learning, Neal Caidin, PMP, Sakai Community Coordinator, Apereo Foundation

12:45pm-1:45pm Vendor Exhibits
Door Prizes (Overlook)
1:45pm-3:30pm General Session V (Amphitheater)
College (Un)bound,
Jeffrey Selingo, Editor-in-Chief, The Chronicle of Higher Education (1:45 pm – 2:45 pm)
2:45 pm – 3:00 pm Grand Prize Drawing (Amphitheater)
Book signing with Jeff Selingo, College (Un)bound VIDEO