Breakout Session

A New Online System Comprehensively Integrating Academic Courses, Programs, Learning Outcomes, and Assessments

Track: Assessment

Breakout Session III
Thurs. 11:45 am – 12:45 pm

Increased emphasis on learning outcomes and assessments, and revised NJCCC General Education objectives, have created a need for tools to help develop and coordinate assessment planning between programs and courses, track the data, provide assurance that our General Education courses meet state guidelines, and provide reporting capability. This talk will present a new online centralized tool that manages all academic aspects of course and program management – including course and program creation/revision/deletion, review and approval management, General Education outcomes, Master Syllabi management including mapping of Program Learning Outcomes to Course Learning Outcomes, Assessment Management, and online Catalog generation.


Ivan Strom
Senior Faculty
Union County College

Dr. Ivan Strom joined Union County College in 2001, created the current very popular Astronomy offerings, and has been teaching Astronomy since 2004. Prior to joining UCC, he performed infrared astronomy at NASA, biomedical engineering at Roosevelt Hospital, managed development of several large-scale software systems at Bell Labs, and taught at several other colleges. He has been very active on several UCC committees, including the Curriculum Committee, Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee, Academic Technology Committee, Distance Education Council, and General Education Subcommittee, and has previously served on the Catalog Committee and the PRR Subcommittee on General Education.