Breakout Session

Impacts of Social Networking and Collaboration Tools in our IT Organizations

Track:  Collaboration and Social Media

Breakout Session IV
Thurs 4:40 pm – 5:40 pm

Many people use social networking applications to communicate personally and professionally.  This seminar will investigate how social networking and collaboration applications, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and
Google+, are impacting the effectiveness of our IT organizations.    Are these tools really improving our IT services or just another source for distraction?


Joe Karam
Senior Manager of Collaboration Services Group
Enterprise Infrastructure Service
Princeton University

Joe Karam has been the Senior Manager of the Collaboration Services Group (CSG) in Enterprise Infrastructure Service at Princeton University for over five years. The Collaboration Services Group (CSG) provides secure, reliable, and efficient enterprise applications to the University community to support collaboration. These applications include electronic mail, web content management, unified communications, audio and video streaming, mobile device services, and other collaborative systems.   Previously, Joe worked at Hamilton College in the role of Director for Networking and Telecommunications for over 8 years and at the University of Rochester as a Senior UNIX Systems Administrator for over 4 years.    Joe has experience where social
networking has a positive and negative impact on an organization and will share those experiences and recommendations with attendees.