Breakout Session

To MOOC or Not To MOOC

Track: MOOC Workshop

Breakout Session I (Workshop)
Wed. 3:30 – 5:00


The attention MOOCs have received in the past year has created more questions than it has offered answers. Should your institution be offering MOOCs?  Should your students be taking them from other providers?  Will they change the ways we teach online?  Will MOOCs be another way to obtain credits, or are they a way to offer continuing education, professional development and promote your institution?

We will offer a short history of Massive Open Online Courses and the educational philosophy that drove the creation of the first MOOCs in 2008. Though they are still educationally young, new definitions of MOOCs have already evolved and a number of types (xMOOC, cMOOC etc.) have been offered.

Based on the participants, we will break out our discussion into working groups for the academic roles of stakeholders involved in any MOOC initiative, including Teachers, Designers, Support Staff or Institutional Administration. Then, we will look for the commonalities of all these stakeholders.

The presenters will bring in data from case studies from leading institutions and from the “Academia and the MOOC” course that was offered by NJEDge.NET via the Canvas Network in spring 2013.

We will examine the current demographics of MOOC participants, the major providers, business models, credits and alternatives and current state and national initiatives that are attempting to incorporate MOOCs into existing degree programs.

Ken Ronkowitz

Ken Ronkowitz has been designing and teaching online courses since 2000. He was the Manager of Instructional Technology at the New Jersey Institute of Technology for seven years where he managed the design of online courses for the University as well as for corporate clients. From 2008-2012 he directed the Federal writing grant at Passaic County Community College. He continues to teach at PCCC and also online for the graduate program in Professional Technical Communication at NJIT. Ken has taught in a MOOC environment since 2011 and taught the “Academia and the MOOC” course offered byNJEDge.Net in the Canvas Network in 2013. Ken started his career in education in 1975 as a secondary school teacher of English.

Mary Zedeck

Instructional Designer
Seton Hall University

Mary Zedeck is an Instructional Designer with Seton Hall University’s Teaching, Learning and Technology Center where she is responsible for supporting faculty in the design, integration and assessment of technology resources for courses and programs on campus, as well as hybrid and online. Mary also manages the Freshman Studies ePortfolio program and is leading the campus Early Alert Retention Initiative. Training is an important part of Mary’s role at the university where she organizes and teaches workshops and programs in emerging technology including virtual worlds, online/hybrid design, Web 2.0, and social media.