Breakout Session

Building an energy efficient datacenter for the future

Track Designation: Technology, Networking Services

Brookdale has been getting by with a datacenter built decades ago when it consisted of a mainframe with limited capability. The mainframe is long gone and replaced with servers now providing a much wider range of services. Brookdale came to the realization that the power and environmental systems barely meeting current needs will not be able to support future ones. Our presentation will discuss design choices and considerations we made in selecting power, generator, cooling, cabling, fire suppression and security solutions for our project, and engage the audience in discussion of modern datacenter design.

Ben Broder
Brookdale Community College

Over 29 years of experience in information technology for higher education.


Andrew Chiang
Brookdale Community College

Over 10 years’ experience in datacenter administration


Jack Brainin
Brookdale Community College
Network Services Manager