Breakout Session

Learning to Run a Business While Running a Business!

Track: Learning, Teaching and Library

How can we help our students attain success in today’s market? Learn how over 500 U.S. secondary and post-secondary institutions are helping students run businesses….real-time! Come learn about an in-school entrepreneurship program and global business simulation that empowers students to unleash their potential through creating and managing business ventures while trading with other virtual firms nationally and internationally. Experiences are gained through: international diplomacy, import/export processes, marketing, social networking, integrating technology, app usage and development, strategic and tactical planning, electronic and verbal communications, and more.

Kristen Callahan
Director of the Center for Simulated Business Studies (CSBS)
Mercer County Community College

Professor Kristen Callahan, Director of the Center for Simulated Business Studies (CSBS) has been working in the arena of business and technology for the past thirty years. She teaches business and technology courses at Mercer County Community College and manages several programs. She has held corporate senior management positions in Fortune 500 companies—IBM and IMS America, a division of Dun and Bradstreet, a Mercer County employer—Peterson’s, and managed her own business—Princeton Entrepreneurial Resources, Inc. Ms. Callahan has a BA from Bucknell University and MBA from Rutgers, School of Management.

Iris Blanc
National Director
Virtual Enterprises International

Bio / Expertise
Iris Blanc is the National Director of Virtual Enterprises International, a 501c. Formally, Iris worked for the NYC Department of Education. She has written business education textbooks and developed a standards-based curriculum to support the VEI program’s goals and objectives. The VEI/Practice Firm curriculum incorporates well-developed business and economic concepts that demand academic rigor while addressing interdisciplinary instruction, project-based learning, research, different learning styles and real-world applications.


Barbara Urban
Support Administrator
Mercer County Community College

Barbara provides administrative support for the Center for Simulated Business Services. She will not present but be on-site to answer questions related to day-to-day operations of business practice firms.


Tony Bruzaitis
Mercer County Community College

Bio / Expertise
Tony has been a stronger support of the International Business Practice Firm program and we depend on his services. By employing tools like VIDYO (which he is presenting in the conference), we are able to connect with multiple firms across the US and world for meetings and other business transactions. Tony helps us integrate innovative technologies so that students can conduct business efficiently and effectively. With the help of his team, students experience international video-conferencing (coping with time and custom differences) and real world business applications.