Breakout Session

Leveraging MOOCs in a Flipped Classroom: An Experiment

Track: MOOC

Some believe that MOOCs will create a revolution in the higher education and successfully provide a substitute for the traditional instruction, however many others are highly skeptical about the impact and quality of MOOCs and their credibility. Instead of arguing in favor of or against the MOOCs, we explore ways to leverage MOOCs for superior educational instruction. We would like to share our experience of designing two flipped classroom business courses that aim to leverage the content knowledge of MOOCs.

Darshan Desai
Professor of Management
Berkeley College

Bio / Expertise
Dr. Desai is Professor of Management at Berkeley College, New York. She has a combination of teaching, research and professional experiences. She received her MBA from Gujarat University and PhD in Business Management from Nirma University, India. She has taught a wide array of undergraduate and MBA courses in United States and in India. She is an expert in the fields of analytics, predictive modeling, business intelligence, and customer relationship management (CRM). Her research has been published in reputed international journals. Prior to her PhD, she had been involved in bringing change in the remote villages of India as a project leader for a Netherlands funded drinking water supply and sanitation project.


Rahul Bedi
System Associate Chair of Management Department
Berkeley College

Bio / Expertise
Dr. Bedi is System Associate Chair of Management Department at Berkeley College, New York. He is an expert in the field of Academic Service Learning. He has assisted, encouraged and guided many professors in designing Academic Service Learning Courses. He was awarded faculty of the year award for 2012.

Educational Qualifications: Ph.D. in Business Administration from Touro University International, California; M.B.A. (Beta, Gamma, Sigma) from Stern School of Business Administration, New York University; Annual Program at IMD, in Lausanne, Switzerland; M.Sc. in Geology from J&K University in India and B.Sc. for M.U. Aligarh.

His book “Corporate Governance Triangle in the Post-Sarbanes Oxley Period (ISBN 978-3-8383-0951-4), Lambert Academic Publishing AG & Co. Koln, Germany, was published in December 2009.