Breakout Session

Using SafeAssign as a Teaching Tool: Helping Students “Detect and Correct” Plagiarism

Track: Learning, Teaching and Library

Breakout VI
Fri 9:20 am – 10:15

Plagiarism is a common issue on college campuses, especially in the digital age (Gabriel, 2010). Students are often unaware of what plagiarism is, and therefore are unsure about how to avoid it. The Draft feature in SafeAssign can harness the power of technology to educate students about plagiarism, by helping students “detect and correct” unintentional plagiarism, before submitting their final papers. This presentation will teach faculty how to use the draft feature in SafeAssign (it’s more than just checking “Draft”), and discuss some of the pitfalls of this process. Anecdotal evidence of this feature’s success is discussed.

Jarrod Cecere
Instructional Designer
Berkeley College

Bio / Expertise
Jarrod Cecere, MS, is an Instructional Designer at Berkeley College. He has designed and instructed both on-site and online classes in Psychology for the past 11 years. He is currently enrolled in a doctoral program in General Psychology with a concentration in Psychology Instruction, at Capella University.