Breakout Session

Optimizing Information Technology Support: Doing More with Less

Track: Technology

Breakout VI
Fri 9:20 am – 10:15 am

In this workshop session we will explore the key factors impacting daily IT operational support, how to assess and quantify these factors and winning strategies to help IT executives and managers go from current state to desired state while IT budgets remain stagnant.We will Identify and quantify current state of IT support across personnel, processes and deployed technologies. We will examine approaches to identify gaps between the current and desired state of IT in key functional areas such as technology, training and budget. Finally, we will review tactical solutions to return more bandwidth to IT staff, to enable them to tackle high impact, strategically important projects.


Frank Barnes
Director of Managed Services
ePlus Technology

Frank does Executive IT Services Consulting and Managed Services for eplus. He has over 15 Years of IT business development and operation leadership. His experience includes includes LAN/WAN technologies, global telecommunication infrastructures, public and private cloud solutions, software development, Internet solutions and enhanced communication services such as VoIP, applications development, transport and networking protocols and physical and data layer architectures.