Breakout Session

Integrating Augmented Reality and Mobile Devices into Teaching

Track: Learning & Teaching Innovations

Breakout Session VI
Fri 9:20 am – 10:15 am

Teachers may strive to engage students fully in every lesson, but that certainly does not always occur. With mobile devices (e.g., iPads and smartphones) and educational apps, students are in a better position than ever to close the gap between instruction and learning. This presentation focuses on the training, creation, and application of augmented reality-enriched lessons, created with available online tools and apps.

Joseph Martinelli
Seton Hall University

Bio / Expertise
Dr. Joseph Martinelli specializes in the area of Electronic Educational Technologies with a focus on the integrating of electronic technologies into the curriculum, multimedia technologies, web page design, graphic communications, production of instructional materials, and current issues in education. Current research interests include enriching creativity through the use of technology, as well as integrating augmented reality into today’s classroom.