Breakout Session

Fun with Certificates: a deep dive into cryptography for all ages

Track: Technology Security

Breakout Session VII
Fri 12:00 pm – 12:55 pm

Symmetric Cryptography
– Cereal box decoder ring example and handout
– ROT13 / Caesar cipher
– Unix CLI examples
Math review
– Prime numbers
– Exponents
– Modulus
Asymmetric Cryptography
– keypairs and how they are used
– RSA dumbed down
– RSA decoder rings
– application on the Unix CLI with x509 certificates and keys
– Certificate Authorities explained
– RSA Private keys
– tips and tricks
PGP/GnuPG keysigning
– usually this is a good time for a key signing to build up a web of trust. This is optional.

Brian Epstein
System Administrator
Institute for Advanced Study

Bio / Expertise
I started my IT career 15 years ago at Rutgers University. Since then I have specialized in Systems Administration, Information Security, Network Engineering and recently Management. Half my career was spent outside of academia, but I returned to it by joining the staff of the Institute for Advanced Study in 2006 as the Information Security Officer. In 2010, I became the Computer Manager of Network and Security along with the ISO role. I have interacted in many security groups over the years that help ease the job of security within organizations. Since joining REN-ISAC in 2006, the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) has benefited from our involvement.