Breakout Session

Using Collaborate in an Online Course to Increase Student Engagement, Constructivist Learning and Assessment: A Case Study

Track: Collaboration and Social Media

Breakout Session II
Thurs 10:35 – 11:35

Collaborate is used as the primary communication tool between teacher and students and student to student in this study’s online course. Participants in the course use collaborate for recorded lectures, online discussions, activities and reflective exercises. Within the blackboard course, there are collaborate classrooms created for lecture recordings, live class sessions and individual team classrooms where groups of students meet independently through the week for case study analysis, problem solving and critical thinking. Essay exams, case study analyses and supplemental reading responses are additional formative assessments the teacher uses to design and direct ongoing instruction.


Shelly Meyers
Associate Professor
Richard Stockton College of New Jersey

Bio / Expertise
I am an associate professor of education at Richard Stockton College. My primary responsibilities are teaching special education courses to graduate students however I teach a basic skills reading class one semester per year to freshmen. I began teaching hybrid courses five years ago when I offered classes using both Wimba and face to face, which gave students a choice to their preferred format. One year ago, I began designing online courses and continue to modify the courses based on students’ feedback and assessment data.