General Session I

Transforming Teaching and Learning … Because We Have To

Technology-enhanced teaching is now the classroom standard, and online learning has proven it’s relevance and effectiveness. Yet between those two poles it is blended learning that may be best situated to transform learning as society continues adapt to a connected world because it focuses on seeking the best combination of online and face-to-face. Clever, effective blending of online and face-to-face experiences reflects the new, every-day world of the 21st century, where even traditional students become non-traditional and ubiquitous connectedness alters our habits and behaviors.

This presentation focuses on how these social and technological changes provide not just opportunities, but imperatives for education to transform its approach to engaging learners, and explains new technology like Instructure’s Canvas, which encourages and supports such transformations from the ground-up.

Jared Stein is the Director of Knowledge Resources at Instructure, and who leads a team of solutions engineers and technical writers. Jared comes from an academic background in education and instructional psychology, with a technical background in web design and development, and a professional background in developing and leading higher education initiatives focused on online and blended learning. Jared has helped teachers transform their practice with technologies that increase flexibility and improve learning outcomes for well over a decade. While full time at Instructure, Jared has managed to keep one foot in the classroom for many years teaching as adjunct instructor for the Digital Media department at Utah Valley University.