General Session II

New Ecosystem of Learning Opportunities: New Pathways and Promises

M.S. Vijay Kumar, Ed.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology

As the potent combination of technology innovation and the Open Education movement continues to exert its influence on the educational landscape, we can anticipate series of profound changes that can be harnessed to create new opportunities for improving educational access and quality.

New initiatives that have emerged over the past few years, such as MOOCs and the Maker movement, have not just created lexicon of new descriptors such as Flipped Classrooms, Learning Pathways and Latticed/Stackable Credentials. They also point to some significant transformations in teaching and learning practice, including changes in the way faculty and students interact. They are also indicative more profound structural changes in the relationship between individuals, institutions and learning.

They offer the possibility of affecting how learning resources and experiences are produced, where learning happens, how it is assessed and credentialed and ultimately the economics of education.

This presentation will build on the aspirations and implications of initiatives at MIT and elsewhere to illuminate the transformative possibilities as well as to draw inferences about the structural changes to the educational enterprise that they might represent. It will set the stage for discussion on how best to improve our readiness to realize preferred changes.