Poster Session

The Application of Learning Contract in Blended Class

Track: Learning & Teaching Innovations

The idea of contract learning is intended to promote individualized education and self-directed learning. Instead of banking education (Paulo Freire, 1970) that describes the instructors’ absolutely role in education, contract learning relies on the concept of Andragogy that assuming adult learners should identify their learning goals and be responsible for their learning. This study is an observation and comparison of how contract learning affected the learning experiences in two identical blended classes.

Hui-wen Tu
Professor, Humanities and Social Sciences
Berkeley College

Bio / Expertise:
I am a faculty in the department of Humanities and Social Science. I have years of online, on campus, and blended teaching experiences. To compare with online and on campus teaching, I found students are interested in blended class because the short meeting time and the chance of face-to-face interact with their classmates and the instructor.