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21st Century Partnership- Adaptive Learning and Blended Instruction to Improve Student Success in Developmental Math

Track: Learning & Teaching Innovations

Based on the early success of Knewton’s Math Readiness Program (KMR) using Adaptive Learning at Arizona State University and other 4 year colleges, Union County College instituted a pilot program to improve student success for the over 3,000 students each term who must begin their college career taking remedial math. KMR was adapted to be taught in a blended instructional mode to address the needs of community college students. Initial results show impressive learning gains occurring in a significantly reduced time. By partnering with technology, faculty are able to devote their time to high value interventions.

Maureen Greenbaum
Union County College

Bio / Expertise:
Professor Maureen Greenbaum has coached student learning using F2F, online and hybrid modalities at Union County College (UCC) NJ for over 30 years. Her Computer Information Systems offerings incorporate the new digital literacies and technology enhanced pedagogy. She regularly introduces computer tools for 21st education to fellow faculty via professional development workshops at UCC. She was awarded a sabbatical to study Adaptive Learning to improve student success with developmental math. Professor Greenbaum chaired the Innovative Pedagogy committee writing UCC’s Five Year Academic Master Plan. Her goal is to introduce Adaptive Learning technology into courseware to realize the Benjamin Bloom’s dream in which 90% of the students using the technology and collaborative learning to achieve the success of those wealthy enough to afford 1-on-1 tutoring.
Professor Greenbaum has presented the use of the technology enhanced pedagogies at:
NISOD 2012 May 28, 2012
Campus Technology 2012 and 2013
Educating for Sustainable Happiness at Cushing Academy, Ashburnham, MA, Aug 10, 2013
Tri-State Best Practices Conference: The Community College as a Place of Transition at Bergen Community College at the Meadowlands Feb 2, 2013
Faculty of the Future 2012 & 2013
all of which can be viewed at
Maureen tweets as @sumware and scoops at She is LinkedIn

Susan Mettlen
Director of Student Assessment
Union County College

Bio / Expertise:
Dr. Susan Mettlen, Director of Student Assessment
Dr. Mettlen has more than 20 years’ experience in Higher Education Administration and Student Assessment. She has focused on measuring student learning outcomes and ways to enhance student learning, engagement, and success. As a college administrator and instructor, Dr. Mettlen has created student assessment systems and developed strategies for identifying successful instructional methodologies. Dr. Mettlen has also served as a teacher, principal, and director in K-12 school systems. In this capacity, Dr. Mettlen focused on increasing student mastery and leveraging technology to help students construct knowledge.
At UCC, Dr. Mettlen has assisted in the implementation of the Knewton Math Readiness Program (KMR) with a special emphasis on tracking student learning outcomes. She has developed and implemented a self-study program in English and Mathematics to assist students in preparing for the Accuplacer College Placement Test. Dr. Mettlen continues to explore strategies to apply adaptive learning to increasing student mastery in English and Mathematics in order to avoid testing into developmental courses.