Breakout Session

Beyond the Screencast – Camtasia Studio, a Green Screen, and NJVID for Rapid Multimedia Production

Track: Other         

Breakout Session I
Wed. 3:30pm-5:30pm

Using low cost and easily accessible software and hardware, this session will explore the unique variety of instructional video content that can be created to enhance both in-person and online courses as well as a variety of campus initiatives. Using Camtasia Studio as our primary software tool along with a digital SLR camera, green screen, and wireless microphone, even a small office space can be converted into a fully functional production studio. The produced videos in combination with the NJVID video service can serve up accessible on-demand video to everyone on any device.


Gambert, Daniel   

Daniel Gambert is a two-time alumnus of Stockton College, receiving a Bachelor’s in Visual Design and a Master of Arts in Instructional Technology.  Now the lead Instructional Designer within Stockton’s Office of E-Learning and Adjunct Professor of Multimedia and Design, Daniel enjoys sharing his knowledge and expertise to benefit the future generation of Stockton alumni.