Breakout Session

Issues in Video Streaming Events in Large Venues

Track: Video Services         

Breakout Session VI
Fri. 9:20am–10:15am

In this session we will discuss logistics of streaming, streaming services, bandwidth issues, HD vs SD. Distribution and sight preparation as related to video production of a large event. We will also look into the copy wright issues related to on line streaming of various materials. Getting the word out, and publicity for the event.

This session will look at the technical as well as the programmatic side of video streaming. A look at sound requirements and sync issues will be reviewed.”


Selimo, Tony        

35 years in broadcast and cable television, radio, 26 years in education , interactive teaching, streaming and videoconferencing.


O’Connor, Tim     

15 years live sound presentation, information technology, computer and information systems, video production and editing , streaming audio/video.