Breakout Session

Don’t be the Next Target: Best Practices in Understanding and Mitigating Security Risks

Breakout Session VI
Fri. 9:20 am to 10:15 pm

Westfield School District and CoreBTS

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Data breaches dominate your newsfeed, with Target being just the latest of the largest breaches to capture the attention of everyone in IT. Like many other organizations that have experienced a breach, Target had plenty of tools and solutions in place, but breakdowns in their people and process greatly contributed to the size and scope of the breach. Information Security is a collaborative process that enables your business, engages students and end users, while putting your organization in the best position to reduce risk. In an educational environment, where students must take priority, it becomes difficult to effectively balance the business of delivering a curriculum with the obligation to protect employee, student, and financial information. During this session, Matt will introduce leading practices that you can immediately apply at your organization to avoid becoming yet another headline, and Brian will discuss Westfield School District’s experiences with these issues.


Matt Wilson is a Managing Consultant at Core BTS Inc. and Practice Lead for the Information Security Services Practice, based in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Matt has spent nearly a decade in Information Technology, and has over 7 years of experience within Information Security. Matt has fostered the development of Core’s assessment methodologies, toolsets, and techniques for the delivery of security assessments, penetration testing, application assessments, compliance assessments, security awareness trainings, and policy review and development.

Brian Auker is Westfield School District’s Chief Technology Officer