Breakout Session

Online Mechanisms for Assessing Oral Presentations 

Track: Assessment

Breakout Session III
Thurs. 11:45am-12:45pm

The presenters will bring forward 3 different mechanisms to assess and evaluate online presentations to measure mastery of presentation criteria. One strategy is the use of Google Forms, another is using a forum to copy and paste a feedback table in order to evaluate presentations, and finally is a strategy with Adaptive Quizzing and Badging using the LMS, Moodle, to measure mastery of each of the presentation criterion.


Walther, Jenna     

Jenna Walther is pursuing a Masters in the NJIT MS Professional and Technical Communication (MSPTC) program. She holds a BA in English from Rutgers University with a teacher certification in English Language Arts. Her research interest focuses upon instructional design and assessment of student learning in secondary and post-secondary classrooms. She has completed several projects related to online learning evaluation.


Lipuma, James    

Dr. Lipuma is the director of the Curriculum, Learning, and Assessment studies (CLAS)-Project at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) and has been the Teacher Education Programs Coordinator for NJIT since 2004. He holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from Stanford University, MS in Environmental Policy Studies and PhD in Environmental Science from NJIT and a post-doctoral Masters of Education in Curriculum and Teaching focused in Science Education at Teachers College, Columbia University. He supports all NJIT teacher education initiatives and has overseen several curriculum redesign projects for secondary and university-level programs. Since 2008 he has led the Rutgers-Newark Urban Teacher Education Program curricular redesign project to meet the requirements of TEAC accreditation and State of New Jersey Department of Education certification as well as improve the educational experience for those students enrolled in the pre-service Urban Teacher Education Program. He has completed several curriculum redesigned projects at NJIT including the update of the technical Writing course to include ePortfolio creation and course evaluation. Currently he is redesigning the Culminating Capstone course that is meant to demonstrate senior accomplishment of the Humanities general University requirements for all students graduating NJIT