Dr. Idahlynn Karre

Idahlyn-karrDr. Idahlynn Karre has spent her professional career as a professor, leader, administrator, speaker, consultant and coach. With an award-winning professional career as a professor, scholar, and author she now devotes her time and energy to professional speaking, writing, and consulting for colleges. Her goal is to facilitate excellence in personal and professional growth by creating innovative learning environments and opportunities for leaders, teams, and organizations to develop knowledge, skill, and capacity for positive learning outcomes and achievement of excellence for themselves, teams, organizations, and students.

Dr. Karre has been recognized for excellence in teaching, speaking, research, and leadership. Repeatedly chosen as Favorite Professor by her university students (1969 – 2002), recognized as University Scholar (2000) and University Woman of the Year (2001). National Teacher of the Year (1992), National Speakers Association Outstanding Professor (1992), US Master Teacher Award (WSCA, 1995), 2000 recipient of the Paul Elsner International Leadership Award, Gallup Vision Award (2008), citations for Speaking Excellence from the Fortune 500, and in 2011 Idahlynn was honored by the International Leadership Academy with the distinction of having the International Exemplary Leadership Award given by the Leadership Academy to be named in her honor.

Idahlynn (PhD., University of Colorado, 1975) has served the Community College Chair Academy for the past 25 years. She has served as Editor of the Academy Journal: Leadership, author and curriculum designer of numerous Handbooks for Leadership and Development used by the Academy in their foundation and advanced leadership training and development programs. She is senior scientist and auditor for research on leadership programs and author of Leadership Tips and Tools with many titles including: Being a Strengths Based Leader, Leading in Times of Change, Moving from Good to Great, Feedback and Performance Management, and The Courage to Lead. (Available at the Chair Academy website: chairacademy.com)

She also serves the Gallup Organization and StrengthsQuest as a consultant, speaker, and writer. She is on the Gallup StrengthsQuest Advisory, creates learning resources for the StrengthsQuest including: Creating Moments That Matter, Leader to Leader, Stories of Strength, Action Items for Leaders, Managing Through Strengths, Engage and Energize: Strengths for Success. (Available at the strengthsquest.com website) She serves as a speaker and coach on integrating StrengthsQuest into leadership, teaching, student and professional development on behalf of the Gallup Organization and StrengthsQuest in the US and Canada.

Dr. Karre is currently leading an international research project on Student Success. This project integrates understanding of the Hero’s Journey with the journey of post-secondary students as they strive for success in education. This project is in partnership with VitalSmarts who publish Crucial Conversations, Crucial Accountabilities, Change Anything and Influencer. Findings from this research project will soon be published in Harvard Business Review.