Executive Sessions

Executive Dinner

Wednesday, November 19, 2014, 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm, Room Einstein
(By Invitation Only)

We invite presidents, provosts, chief academic officers, chief information officers, and the executive management team of the New Jersey Higher Education institutions to a spirited evening of collegiality and conversation.

We welcome four guests from each institution to participate at no charge.

(If you wish to register more executive team members please contact: Sheri.Prupis@njedge.net.)

Idahlyn Karre

“Facing the Brutal Facts of Higher Education with Unwavering Faith in the End Game: The Hallmark of Our Work as Higher Education Leader”:

How do we achieve excellence within the context of today’s demands and limited resources for higher Education. The research findings from Jim Collins’ Good to Great research including Built to Last, Good to Great, and Great by Choice, as well as findings from the Center on Creative Leadership, Gallup Organizations Engagement Research, and research findings on Influence by VitalSmarts will inform our conversations. Prior to the conversation you will be provided with summaries and probes for inquiry into the research critical to our discussions. Come prepared to engage in meaningful dialogue about what matters most in our important work.

Dr. Idahlynn Karre has spent her professional career as a professor, leader, administrator, speaker, consultant and coach. With an award-winning professional career as a professor, scholar, and author she now devotes her time and energy to professional speaking, writing, and consulting for colleges. Her goal is to facilitate excellence in personal and professional growth by creating innovative learning environments and opportunities for leaders, teams, and organizations to develop knowledge, skill, and capacity for positive learning outcomes and achievement of excellence for themselves, teams, organizations, and students. Read More


Executive Forum

Thursday, November 20, 2014, 11:30 am to 2:00 PM
(By invitation only)

Effective Talent Management:  roadmap to strategic planning

With the changing landscape of IT services, needs and staffing, how do we prepare our staff for the shift in skills and priorities?  This session will focus on the steps of defining the direction and priorities, business and strategic planning necessary for effective talent management.

Georgetown University recently engaged Deloitte Consulting to assist them in studying best practices in talent management in higher education.  Princeton University has been involved as part of the group of institutions in this study.  Nadine Stern, from Princeton, along with two Deloitte colleagues, will present the findings of this study and also provides a valuable talent management framework. In this interactive session we will describe the components of good talent management practice, and then lead a group discussion intended to share information about how our institutions are successfully practicing good talent management strategies, and also ways in which we might individually, or as peer groups, and with NJEDge, advance our capability and knowledge in this critical area for IT success.

Nadine Stern
Associate Chief Information Officer
Princeton University