IGNITE Session

No More Skeletons

Fri. 10:30am–11:15am

In December 2013, Amazon was granted a patent for an algorithm described as “anticipatory shipping.” In other words, Amazon plans to ship products to regional holding centers before the customer places an order. This algorithm was developed using the huge amounts of data that Amazon has collected about its customers. Amazon is not alone. Increased connectivity, cloud storage, “free” apps and advances in data analytics have made put all of us under the data microscope. Businesses observe our digital behavior in hopes finding a competitive edge. This presentation will examine obvious and obscure data collection methods and how we can protect our privacy.

Feeney, Linda

Linda Feeney has a diverse educational background including a B.S.Ed. in music, M.A.Ed. in mathematics and computer science, and doctorate in higher education leadership. Her professional experiences have been centered in the education environment evolving from classroom teacher to technology specialist to technology manager. She is currently Director of E-Learning at The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey.