Daniel Russell

The Future of Learning: How will people learn the skills they need for academe, work, and life?

General Session I
Wednesday, November 19th, 2:00pm-3:00pm

Abstract:  The advent of the networked world changes our expectations from traditional learning behaviors to ways of learning that leverage the networked world, and networked people.  From his perspective as a MOOC instructor of more than 500,000 students (and as someone who spends considerable time teaching in K12 and public libraries), Russell will describe the changes in literacies that are taking place, how we are becoming perpetual students, and what this means for the future of learning.

Bio:  Daniel Russell is the Űber Tech Lead for Search Quality and User Happiness in Mountain View.  He earned his PhD in computer science, specializing in Artificial Intelligence until he realized that magnifying human intelligence was his real passion.  Twenty years ago he foreswore AI in favor of HI, and enjoys teaching, learning, running and music, preferably all in one day.  He blogs at SearchResearch1.blogspot.com and runs the AGoogleADay.com site.

Published on Nov 18, 2013:
Dr. Daniel Russell, Senior Research Scientist at Google, presents a
distinguished lecture entitled “Teaching 150K+ Students at a Time, The
PowerSearchingWithGoogle.com Story”.