Poster Session

Engaging Drew’s Off-Campus Community

Thurs. 12:45pm-2:00pm

Drew University has started a project to bridge a gap that currently exists between what’s going on at Drew and parents, alumni, and prospective students. With a variety of interesting campus events and activities, Drew University searched for a way we could share these with our off-campus community. With an agreement between the departments of Communications, University Technology, Athletics, Advancement and Admissions, we purchased equipment to stream HD quality video so that events can be viewed from anywhere. As we approach the end of our first year of streaming, we are taking a look back to assess the project.

Spaventa, Shawn

Shawn Spaventa is Coordinator of Media Support for University Technology Department of Drew University. In his 13 years with Drew he has been responsible for video streaming, video conferencing, video production services as well as A/V needs for campus events and programming.