Poster Session

Intentionality, Mindfulness and Thoughtfulness in Our Digital Lives

Fri, 12:45pm–2:00pm

Screentime and technology have taken over a huge percentage of our time. This presentation seeks to define this “takeover” according to three separate categories: Intentionality, Mindfulness and Thoughtfulness. Intentionality means choosing how we spend our screentime, mindfulness means balancing screentime with other areas in our lives, and thoughtfulness means understanding how we expect others to react and respond to our online behaviors. This presentation will suggest ways to use technology to connect rather than distance us from each other. Modeling intentionality, mindfulness and thoughtfulness in our digital lives could inspire our communities to do the same.

Bartle, Gamin

Gamin Bartle, Ph.D., is Director of Instructional Technology and User Services Drew University. Before coming to Drew in 2005, she taught German and managed Language Resource Centers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and Tuscaloosa. In December 2013, Gamin completed a Graduate Certificate in Training and Educational Technology in the Educational Technology Leadership program at George Washington University. Her current professional focus is identifying concrete suggestions toward encouraging people to take notice of how they spend time with technology, how this balances with their non-technology time, and how their use of technology impacts others.