Rethink. Refresh. Reboot.

We are constantly bombarded with the new. New ideas, new opportunities, new technology.

As individuals and as institutions, we are caught up in the race to constantly improve, to keep up. We lose sight of our goals in the effort to stay on top of the best, newest, latest and greatest.

Every person, organization, and institution needs to take time to step back. To evaluate what works and what doesn’t. Is this technology making our institution more healthy? More user-friendly? More accessible? More environmentally sustainable?

Every year, the NJEDge.Net Conference is a chance to explore the newest, most exciting educational technology with our colleagues and friends, and share the best technology has to offer our institutions.

This year, please join NJEDge.Net for a different type of conference.

New location. New attitude. New opportunities.

Every now and then, wouldn’t it be nice to offer your institution – and all of the essential pieces that make up your institution – a retreat? Your faculty, your admin staff, your IT departments, your leadership, your board members, your CIO’s – don’t they all deserve a time to refresh themselves, renew their sense of purpose and mission?

Please join NJEDge at our new location as we provide a time, a place, and a special opportunity to experience a different type of conference. NJEDge will provide the peaceful, reflective environment. You provide your staff, your energy, your interest, and your thoughts and observations on how technology can help us re-think and re-vision what technology should be doing for our educational institutions.

Please discuss how technology can help our K-12 and Higher Ed schools become more healthy, user-friendly, accessible, and environmentally sustainable environments. In particular, you may choose to focus on the following areas of interest in your presentations:

  • Continuing education and its intersection with technology
  • Teaching preparation programs: what are we teaching our upcoming K12 teachers about young students, content, communication and technology?
  • Makerspace; has your school allocated a physical location where people gather to share resources and knowledge, work on projects, network, and build? (For Thursday’s poster session).
  • Infrastructure support of technology for faculty, students, and staff, on and off campus
  • Video communication and presentation

November 18-20, 2015
Princeton Marriott at Forrestal
100 College Road East, Princeton, New Jersey

News & Updates

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