Rethink. Refresh. Reboot.

Technology for users is changing every day. For an institution, it is a not just of question of how to handle and maintain the status quo and be aware of all kinds of emerging technologies that affect the network, administration and teaching and learning. They are all different, and it is up to the executive and faculty to decide cohesively. For the CIO it may be a broad band issue, network overhaul, emergency notification or disaster recovery. For the teaching staff, it may be an inclusion of an LMS, or new app that hasn’t been tested or sanctioned by IT. All of this make running a campus IT organization increasingly difficult. Too many, too much. We are bombarded with the new. New ideas, new opportunities, new technology, constantly.

As individuals and as institutions, we are caught up in the race to constantly improve, to keep up. We lose sight of our goals in the effort to stay on top of the best, newest, latest and greatest.

Coming to the conference will be restorative. It allows a participant distance from his workload and be able to see best practices from other schools, ones that should be adopted. Every person, organization, and institution needs to take time to step back and evaluate what works and what doesn’t.

Every year, the NJEDge.Net Conference is a chance to explore the newest, most exciting educational technology with our colleagues and friends, and share the best technology has to offer our institutions. There are nationally known speakers who give a different perspective. More than 20 vendors will be on site this year to speak with participants and demonstrate their products and services. There is enough time built in to the conference to talk to vendors as opposed to having them come to your office. You will be mingling with your peers, presidents of schools with other presidents, chief academic officers with other provosts, CIOs with CIOs, etc. There is time to socialize, network, and confer. The conference’s aim is to let participants rethink, refresh their ideas, and then go back to campus and reboot.

November 18-20, 2015

Princeton Marriott at Forrestal

100 College Road East, Princeton, New Jersey

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