Breakout Session

Turning Homework and Exams on their Head – Deeper Learning by Putting Students in Charge

Track: Learning Tool

Breakout III
Thursday, 4:40 – 5:40 pm

CLASS (Collaborative Learning through Assessment) creates learning opportunities, increases student motivation for learning, and deepens learning through active participation in the entire Problem Lifecycle. CLASS actively engages students in every Lifecycle stage (including crafting problems for peers, providing solutions, peer grading, and disputes involving self-assessment) for homework, quizzes, exams and other activities. We briefly demonstrate our prototype used at NJIT in ethics and computing courses. We present our latest experimental results along with really interesting issues, such as motivating students, assessing learning, learning to design and use rubrics, anonymity, trusting peers, when students don’t participate, and gaining instructor enthusiasm.

Michael Bieber

Erick Sanchez Suasnabar
Lori Watrous-deVersterre
New Jersey Institute of Technology

Dr. Bieber is Professor and Associate Chair of the Information Systems Department of the College of Computing Sciences at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. He teaches both on-campus and in the e-learning program, often combining the students in both modes. Dr. Bieber is conducting research in several related areas: learning sciences, cyberlearning, lightweight systems integration, relationship analysis (as part of the software engineering process), automatic link and metainformation generation, and hypermedia. His Ph.D. was awarded by the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. He has directs the Undergraduate, Masters and Ph.D. programs. He may be reached through