Breakout Session

Eduroam: How Institute for Advanced Study Joined this Global Secure Wireless Initiative for Little Cost and Why You Should Too

Track: Technology

Breakout III
Thursday, 4:40 – 5:40 pm

In today’s world, access to wireless networks is viewed as a right. It is the responsibility of IT to provide wireless access with as much security, reliability and ease as possible. But due to the transitory nature of people in academia, providing secure authenticated wireless can be time consuming to our IT departments. How can we provide secure wireless to visitors on our campus as well guarantee access to our members when they travel? And how can we provide this with as little work from our IT staff? The answer is eduroam!

Christina Klam
Network Engineer

Martin VanWinkle
System Administrator
Institute for Advanced Study

Christina Klam has been the Network Engineer at Institute for Advanced Study since 2005. Martin VanWinkle has been at Institute for Advanced Study since 2013 as a System Administration. They have work together on a number of federated identity projects, including eduroam.

Martin VanWinkle is a system administrator at Institute for Advanced Study