Breakout Session

Let’s Teach S-T-E-M to K-6 Students: OK, But About the “E”…

Track: STEM, Learning, K-12

Breakout VI
Friday, 12:00 – 12:55 pm

The U.S. need highly qualified K-6 teachers who can teach STEM content. We are getting better at teaching the “S”, “T”, and “M”; however, the “E” is still a little intimidating, especially to pre-service teachers. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to teach the “E”. It’s as simple as connecting 21st Century skills to opportunities to build – take apart – and rebuild things that connects to content. Come investigate the affordable battery operated and solar powered projects along with simple, affordable, voice-activated, remote-controlled robots that had 3rd through 6th graders working hard to figure out “how does it do that?”

Gloria Edwards
Associate Professor of Education

Amulhelang Magaya
Associate Professor of Education

Lindiwe Magaya
Associate Professor of Education
Georgian Court University

Dr. Gloria Edwards has taught instructional technology, instructional design, and methods courses in the School of Education for the past 20 years. Her research interest focuses on the use of technology tools, particularly digital and web-based ones, and how the ability or inability to effectively use them impacts the attitudes and productivity of diverse groups of learners (traditional and non-traditional) in higher education and the workplace.

Dr. Amuhelang Magaya teaches Administrative and Leadership courses and therefore stays abreast of what teachers are doing and should be doing in the classroom. Unprecedented change is taking place in schools all across the nation requiring increased accountability for student achievement and a need to understand the challenges teachers face and the strategies available to them to improve. His research interest focuses on leadership mentoring and effective leadership in our schools.

Dr. Lindiwe Magaya teaches special education courses and her research interest focuses on behavior disorders.