Breakout Session

The Evolving LMS Paradigm: Moving from the Course Management System Model to the Education Cloud. What? Why? How?

Breakout Session III
Thurs, 4:40pm-5:40pm

Legacy CMS/LMS vendor models are under attack and becoming a thing of the past. Is your institution ready for this shift? A new, more modern paradigm is talking hold, driven by three key trends:

1. A new enterprise IT model – Driven by a movement away from a silo’d, fractured IT landscape to one built around standards of interoperability and mobile readiness.
2. Efficacy – new and more pervasive regulatory requirements that are putting the onus on colleges and universities to demonstrate student success and outcomes attainment.
3. A rapidly evolving education consumer landscape – keeping pace with the needs of a diverse student population ranging from digital natives to digital newcomers presents new challenges, and opportunities.

In this session we’ll demonstrate why aligning you institution’s online teaching and learning tools to a S.M.A.C model (Social/Mobile/Analytics/Cloud) makes sense.

We’ll complete the session by examining the Schoology Education Cloud and see why it is the perfect delivery model to leverage this new paradigm.


At the end of this session participants will:
1. Understand the S.M.A.C. model (Social/Mobile/Analytics/Cloud) and its implications on teaching and learning in higher education
2. Gain valuable insight and understanding into the benefits a learner-centric platform has over traditional, course-centric systems.
3. Walk away with an appreciation and understanding of how the Schoology Education Cloud model is uniquely positioned to meet the teaching, learning, technology and efficacy requirements of today’s college and university.

Speaker bio:

Robert Tousignant leads Schoology’s Higher Education team and has been involved in ed tech since the late 1990s when he worked for one of the original course management system vendors. After graduating from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, he pursued a career in college admissions working at Boston University in several admissions/recruitment roles while pursuing his MEd. Today his passion is built around evangelizing new and better online teaching and learning models that take into account a changing higher education landscape, the needs of digital natives, and modern design principals. His presentation and speaking credits include Educause and Online Learning Consortium events (Sloan C) and Internet2.