Breakout Session

Cloud-Based Routing: NJEDge.NET’s Cloud Service for Simplifying; R&E Disaster Recovery Strategies

Track: Technology

Breakout I
Thursday, 10:30 – 11:30 am

Server virtualization and high availability across geographically dispersed data centers are common in data center deployments today. In order to meet increasing workloads and to support disaster recovery, location independence for server resources and the flexibility to move these resources from one data center to another is required. This virtualization brings the challenge of route optimization and keeping the server’s identity (IP address) the same across moves, so that clients can continue to send traffic regardless of the server’s current location.

This session will review how NJEDge.Net built an architecture that addresses these challenges transparently by enabling IP endpoints to change location while keeping their assigned IP addresses. The session will detail how virtual servers may move between different subnets or across different locations of a subnet while ensuring optimal routing between clients and the IP endpoint that moved, regardless of its location.

James Stankiewicz
Director, Internet Engineering

Jim Stankiewicz’s responsibility is to plan, direct and design the NJEDge.Net network infrastructure. This includes many complex project activities on extensive engineering programs; maintaining MCUs, routers, switches, codecs, computers, and monitoring equipment.

As senior engineer he is part of the vital technical management team working towards the long-term vision of an integrated K-20 portal for the NJ educational community. He is involved with the finalization of the NJEDge.Net design and assists in the planned ESC interoperability testing of all portal and network elements; and assists in the installation of equipment in all Data Center Locations; develops competency in the NJEDge.Net Network developed and deploys QoS Policies throughout. While managing daily operations of the NJEDge.Net core Jim formulates recommendations concerning performance, utilization, trouble resolution, effectiveness of the network.
Jim has more than 25 years of experience in communications and network development including systems integration between diverse computing environments.
Jim holds certification in CCIP (Certified CISCO Internet Professional) and CCSP (Certified CISCO Security Professional).