Breakout Session

MSU Did It…So Can You!
Which LMS is best for me? Reports from Faculty (Dual Presentation)

Track: Learning Management System

Breakout I
Thursday, 10:30 – 11:30 am

A successful migration and implementation of a new LMS can be very challenging. Learn how Montclair State University, the second largest state university in NJ successfully migrated from Blackboard to Canvas in the Fall of 2014. From content migration to training, we look forward to sharing our experience with you!

Courtney Volpe
Sr. Technology Trainer

Yanling Sun
Pam Fallivene
Montclair State University

Courtney Volpe, Sr. Technology Trainer and Pam Fallivene, Technology Training Specialist have been members of the of the Technology Training & Integration group at Montclair State University since 1999. In their roles the have been responsible for leading Workshops, Faculty Forums, Seminars, and Summer Symposiums that educate our campus community by demonstrating effective use of both University supported technologies as well as emerging technologies and how to successfully integrate them into the teaching and learning environment. They have been in this field for over 18 years and played a key role in the University’s successful migration from Blackboard to Canvas.

Dr. Yanling Sun is the Director of Technology Training and Integration at Montclair State University. Her professional efforts focus on the academic integration of technological applications as well as the assimilation of best practices of instructional design into teaching and learning which are in different modes, such as online, hybrid and face-to-face. She manages instructional services to assist faculty members to effectively integrate appropriate technologies with sound pedagogical strategies to enhance instructional and learning outcomes. With years of instructional design experience and the educational background in Instructional Technology, Dr. Sun initiates a social-collaborative course design model and leads an instructional design team to design and develop not only individual online/hybrid courses but also the courses for online programs at Montclair State University. She also oversees a training group to provide technology training services to enable effectiveness in business operations and administrative activities.

Which LMS is best for me? Reports from Faculty

Track: Learning Management System

As computer science faculty, Hill, Fails, and Herbert-Berger are in a unique position to compare & contrast available LMSs in terms of their features, and what type of teaching/learning environment that they lend themselves to in terms of class size, assessment, and delivery mechanisms (face to face, online, mobile, etc). For example, Google Classroom may lend itself to small classes where papers are the primary assessment mechanism. In contrast, a large intro to programming class may be better supported by Canvas.

Emily Hill
Assistant Professor
Drew University