Breakout Session II

Why Higher Ed Needs to Embrace IT Security

Breakout II
Thurs, 11:45AM -12:45PM

Colleges and universities are becoming ever more tempting for hackers. Higher ed institutions store an array of personal, financial, and healthcare data collected on students, faculty, administration, and staff, all conveniently housed at a single source. Should the data be compromised, the risks incurred by a college or university include financial costs, damage from a public relations perspective, and the impact to the victimized students and employees. With this in mind, IT needs to play an ever increasing and crucial role as the first line of defense in cyber security strategies and solutions. According to the “2015 U.S. State of Cybercrime Survey” from Pricewaterhouse Coopers, nearly 80% of all organizations suffer cyberattacks, some repeatedly, not taking into account the number of external and internal threats that go undetected. With the amount and sensitivity of the data our higher education institutions need to protect, we must remain vigilant to make sure we’re not among that 80%.

In this session we will explore all IT security-related matters including regulatory compliance, risk management, technology controls, and disaster recovery, as well as raising the awareness of security throughout the campus.